ten haikus about school

I love the simplicity and beauty of Haiku.

I thought I would highlight what I have learned in these last five weeks in poem:


no bowel sounds are bad
a sign of poor digestion
makes it hard to poop 


germs are very bad;
antibiotics help, but
not if it’s viral

morphine tolerance
still causes constipation;
fix with laxative

sterile gloves are hard
to apply aseptically:
first touch outer cuff



vessels have bruits,
valves have murmurs and both are
usually bad



always sterile if
wound is surgical, but clean
for pressure ulcer


forty-five degrees
sub-q shot, but ninety if
person is too fat



nasogastric tube
must be checked to ensure it’s
placed in the stomach

foley has balloon
to keep in the bladder: must
deflate to remove



patient safety first:
before giving meds, confirm
the name and birthdate


 feel free to add your own haikus in the comments.


About erika

nurse, certified nurse-midwifery student, public health fan, math & science geek, single malt scotch aficionado, klutz, goofball, scribbler, funny face & lover of all things nerdy.
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1 Response to ten haikus about school

  1. Jeri says:

    Bed pans are a must
    For those who cannot get up
    Fun to sit on…..NOT!

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