my last five weeks (in crayon)!

The past five weeks were pretty intense….I have illustrated it for you:

But now, all has changed! This week, I have to demonstrate that I know how to give a physical exam. That’s it! Sure, I still have to work, and we have class on Thursday and Friday, but there are no exams this week.  Next week, we have hospital orientation, and the following week, we begin Clinicals. Pretty exciting!

Now, off I go to watch some more Law & Order (insert ominous “doink DOINK” gavel sound here)…


About erika

nurse, certified nurse-midwifery student, public health fan, math & science geek, single malt scotch aficionado, klutz, goofball, scribbler, funny face & lover of all things nerdy.
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2 Responses to my last five weeks (in crayon)!

  1. Jeri says:

    And before the “doink, doink”…..These are her stories.

  2. Such a true to life illustration…especially the beer! I totally get you!!

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