bloody hell.

So, I got blood on my beautiful blue scrubs today.


oh, the humanity!

I could say that it was from dressing a surgical wound, or treating a patient with a mild form of Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever or Ebola.

But, it’s nobody’s blood but my own:

Oh, the Band-Aids!


So, I tripped and fell on the sidewalk on the way home tonight. At least nobody laughed loud enough for me to hear when I tossed my phone three feet in front of me and slid my palms on the rough surface (my phone survived). And started crying.  Thank goodness my scrubs didn’t rip.


But, if anyone asks how the blood got there, I need a better story than that.


About erika

nurse, certified nurse-midwifery student, public health fan, math & science geek, single malt scotch aficionado, klutz, goofball, scribbler, funny face & lover of all things nerdy.
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4 Responses to bloody hell.

  1. Jenny Radway says:

    I love reading your stories, even the ones I would call “sad” – I’m sure you’ll get good at getting blood out of your clothes!!

  2. Joe says:

    At least it wasn’t like the end of Carrie. Or the beginning, for that matter

  3. Sarah says:

    LOL, at least you’re okay. Just found your blog looking for other nurse bloggers. It’s crazy how many there are! So I guess now you’ll need some new scrubs…my favorite site to get them is :)

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