wow. this is awkward.


about me:
I’m a nerd, smartass, and antisocial extrovert. I am the forever student; I’ve been in school for what seems like ages, studying public health, nursing, and now certified nurse midwifery. I like science. I hate the inappropriate use of quotation marks and misspellings on public signs. I enjoy single malt scotch, reading, public transit, vintage clothing, cheese, and looking in my fridge and pretending I’m on “Chopped” while making supper. I’m a bit clumsy and am affectionately known as “Grace” by my parents because they like to be ironic. I have an incredible husband and an amazing family. I play ukulele. My favorite color is blue.
about this site:
real stories, musings, observations, rants, and raves of my journey through nursing school and life.
patient names and initials—and in some cases, their exact ages—have been changed to protect privacy. Initials of nursing students and clinical instructors are used, but names are also avoided to protect their privacy.


2 Responses to About

  1. Sarah Heimbach says:

    Holy crap! I don’t remember you having to get shots! I remember most of us got sick. I got crazy stomach pains and chills and Nick told me I should go out dancing. :/ Also, this was a great blog post!

  2. nancy patton says:

    I love the tie necklaces you posted on Pinterest………would you be willing to share how you made them?

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