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yo hablo español, sort of: week one clinical observations

Observation #1: The El is different in the early morning. Sleepy. The brown line train has only four cars instead of the usual rush-hour eight car caterpillars. The train rocks a bit more violently when it is empty. I am … Continue reading

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adventures in the emergency room

I’ve been to the ER quite a few times in my life. Often, as an infant for renal issues. A few times, as a child for clumsiness. Infrequently, as an adult for out-of-control migraines that left me curled up in the … Continue reading

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hit me with your best shot

I intended on starting this blog when nursing school started. That was over a month ago. So far, I have had a quiz, oral exam (known as the return demonstration), and written exam each week. I have cried in front of … Continue reading

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