must see tv

Dear NBC:

In between studying for Pharmacology for Advanced Practice Nurses (another exam next week!) and Biological Basis for Women’s Health and Perinatal Nursing II, I try to relax and catch some TV. I’ll close up my books, turn off my computer, put my papers away, peel and orange, and flip through the channels.

There is never anything on.

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so you want to be a vegan? here are some tips!

Are you thinking of becoming a vegan? Here are some tips from a vegan newbie: Continue reading

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an education

Before I explain what happened, it’s important that you understand the circumstances. I was young. Probably in the fourth grade. Maybe the fifth. In any case, I don’t think I had my Catholic grade school sex-ed class yet, where the boys snickered and the girls blushed. Where we read Changes, a carefully-worded booklet about puberty, complete with drawings. Where Mr. G., our principal, took the boys to the multipurpose room and talked about penises and nocturnal emissions and pubic hair. And where the girls sat in a circle with our teacher Mrs. K. and talked about periods and pregnancy and maxi pads.

It was pretty gross.

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a vegan now, but i dream of meaty

Happy New Year!

This year, I decided to go vegan.

What?! The girl from Wisconsin? The girl who can’t eat pasta without Parmesan cheese? The girl who considers grilled cheese a food group? The girl who loves bacon and bratwurst and cheese curds and pizza and dipping french fries in milkshakes?

Yes. This girl.

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the habañero incident

Part I: Ortega & Chi-Chi’s

Before The Habañero Incident, my tolerance for spicy was low by most standards. Like many middle-class white suburban families, Mexican food consisted of Ortega flour burritos the size of your face—with a shelf life of weeks, if not months—and stale taco shells.

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