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i’m back.

It’s been a really long time, hasn’t it? Nine months. Yikes. Between my last post and this one, I could have produced a child. Well…

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high school nicknames

In high school, a few of us kids who were interested in medicine had the opportunity to shadow a physician. In my junior year in high school, the closest I got to medicine was when Dr. Mance, my pediatrician, allowed … Continue reading

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watching my language

So, yesterday I had my Physical Assessment Assessment. This is where you pair up with a classmate and perform a head-to-toe physical exam (minus examining the boy and girl parts) while the clinical instructor sits in the room and stares … Continue reading

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why wednesday was like an episode of “chopped”….

I love the show Chopped. When I am tired and want to veg out, this is what I watch. While my ever-so-patient husband will tolerate the obsession, the conversation usually goes something like this:

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hit me with your best shot

I intended on starting this blog when nursing school started. That was over a month ago. So far, I have had a quiz, oral exam (known as the┬áreturn demonstration), and written exam each week. I have cried in front of … Continue reading

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